flowey. SLove Actually 2.0

Today’s release is brought to you by popular demand and my extreme cheesiness caused by recent watching of ‘Love Actually’ (for millionth time).
Now a little back story. A couple years ago I made a prop called ‘SLove actually’, inspired by one of my favorite movies - ‘Love Actually’. If you’re not familiar with the movie, I highly recommend watching it but for now to know what the heck it’s all about watch this clip:
Every year about this time I get lots of requests for this prop and this year I decided to bring it back in brand new and better form!
The prop is texture changeable, with pop-up menu, numbered for text to go in proper order. 
Also, for December only there will be no copy/trans version available in my store, especially for gifting! You can buy it by clicking the box underneath the main vendor.
Now some exciting news! I have a new store build! I think it’s much better now, and layout is more shopping friendly. It’s one of the changes for upcoming 4th anniversary of flowey. But more on that later!
Come check the new store and get SLove Actually prop here:
flowey @ The Pea.
Ps. Next week new round kicks in at Atelier Kreslo, so don’t forget to check November’s chair. Vist Atelier Kreslo @ Imogen .
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