Brand new event has started last Sunday - The Dreamers Factory.  The theme of this round is Summer Daydream and I made the stool … that probably wouldn’t work outside your dream!
Cone throne is a stool shaped like half melted ice cream - great to chill a bit on hot summer day. Be careful to not slip away!
This release is in gacha form - each prize is modifiable and transferable, and includes 4 static flowey poses. 
The event ends on August 22nd, visit The Dreamers Factory now!

07.24.14 @ 20:43

My event/cafe Atelier Kreslo is hosting another bake sale and it’s all about the donuts this round!
I’m offering two flavors: S’mores is graham-y but sweet donut with melted masrhmallow glaze layared with chocolate glaz and sprinkled with some mini marshmallows on top for good measure; Watermelleh is double glazed (watermelon flavor!) with chocolate sprinkles on top.
All donuts (and there is nearly 50 flavors!) are no copy but trans so they can be easily gifted. It’s limited time offer and they will be gone once the event ends on July 27th.
Visit Donut Festival now @Atelier Kreslo!

07.16.14 @ 20:501

Flowey is participating in July’s round of Mens Dept! I’m offering this set of 6 lookbook-ish style poses created for men shape exclusively - good for blogging and vendor shooting; copy, static, mirrors included.
Available for only 149L$ till the end of the month @The Mens Dept!

07.16.14 @ 20:12

Flowey is participating in TLC Poser Pavillion this month! With some Tuscany Hills in mind I’ve created a set of 5 sunbathing poses, for warm springy days when you just want to catch yourself some pixel vitamin D and relax.
The set is exclusively available at the event until May 10th for a special price!
Visit TLC now!

04.18.14 @ 16:15


It’s that time of the month again, a new round at Atelier Kreslo has started. This time Second Spaces and Flowey collaborated on the Flutter Bar Stool. 
Coming in 8 colors, you will definitely find a fit for your home, indoors or outside! The poses offer you a chance to go from casual to partymode and finally to live the aftermath.
The Flutter Bar Stools will be exclusively available at Atelier Kreslo until May 13th 2014. Don’t miss out!
Visit us now:
Atelier Kreslo @ Fall
Website: Email: Plurk:

04.13.14 @ 16:042